We want to connect with you – our CSU music, theatre, and dance alumni. Whether you graduated last year or many years ago, please take some time to fill out our alumni survey and let us know what you’re up to these days and how you’d like to stay connected with the School of Music, Theatre and Dance – we’d love to hear from you!

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Alumni Survey
Colorado State University

What Music, Theatre, or Dance degree(s) did you earn at CSU?
B.A. Music
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B.A. Dance
M.M. Music

What was your area of study?
Music Education
Music Therapy
Music (B.A.)
Playwriting & Dramatic Literature
Design & Technology
General Theatre
Other (please specify below)

Please select the ensembles/productions/activities in which you were involved during your time at CSU.
Theatre Productions
Dance Concerts
Tour Dance Company
Marching Band
Symphonic Bands
Concert Choir
Chamber Choir
Opera Theatre
Wind Symphony
Jazz Combos
Jazz Ensembles
University Chorus
Women's Chorus
Chamber Orchestra
Concert Orchestra
Percussion Ensemble
ARIES Ensemble
BRAINY (Bringing Arts Integration to Youth)
MSOE (Middle School Outreach Ensemble)
Music Therapy Outreach Groups
Music Therapy Research in CBRM
Other/Productions (please specify below)

How do you receive information from the School of Music, Theatre & Dance? Please mark all that apply.
Noteworthy newsletter
Points of Pride email newsletter
Friends of the UCA email newsletter
UCA Events email newsletter
Newsletters/Mailings for teachers about programs
Other (please specify below)

How do you engage with the School of Music, Theatre & Dance?
Other (please specify below)

How often would you like to receive news and updates about the School of Music, Theatre & Dance?
Once a month
Every other month
Once a semester
Once a year
Other (please comment)

What type of content interests you? Please mark all that apply.
Alumni stories
Faculty updates
Current student news
School of Music, Theatre & Dance news
Event information

What are ways in which you would like to be involved with the School of Music, Theatre & Dance? Please mark all that apply.
Follow Music, Theatre & Dance on social media
Receive regular Music, Theatre & Dance communications
Attend student/faculty season performances
Make a donation to the School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Participate in alumni performances/events
Provide mentoring/internship opportunities for undergraduates
Speak on alumni panels
Other (describe below)

In the past 12 months, approximately how much money have you contributed to charitable organizations?
$501 or more
Prefer not to answer

If you have given to Colorado State University, what are your reasons for giving?
Pride in my alma mater
Desire to help the next generation of students
To support a specific program
It's the right thing to do
In honor or memory of someone
Show appreciation for the financial aid I received
I get something in return (window cling, water bottle, etc.)
Tax benefits
Other (please specify below)

What is your current employment status?
Employed but seeking a change in employment or further education
Stay-at-home parent
Pursuing additional education
Seeking employment
Unemployed by choice
Other (please specify below)

If applicable, please specify your employer/company and your title.

Please tell us what you’re up to these days in your life and career (please list shows, gigs, companies, etc.)

Do/Have you worked with other CSU alumni since graduating? If so, who?
Yes (please specify below)
Not sure

Please tell us how your degree may have helped your placement/development in your current job/career.
Greatly helped
Moderately helped
Didn't help much
Other (please specify below)

When it comes to work/career, tell us about your satisfaction level – are you doing what you want to be doing? Whether yes or no, please elaborate. We’d love to know more.
Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Not satisfied

We’re looking for alumni stories to share with our future and current undergraduate and graduate students. Perhaps a professor, a class, your peers, or your overall degree influenced you, your life, or career direction.
Did something magical or important change for you during your time with us? If you'd like to share your story, whether short or long, please provide a brief description and our Manager of Alumni Relations will be in touch with you soon.
If you see this field, please leave it empty.

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