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The Advancement Helpdesk is your friendly neighborhood resource for technology and computing.

Can’t connect to a wireless network? Call us!
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Can’t get a report to run in Advance? Don’t call us! Contact ADV Request! :)

(970) 491-3406
x1-3406 (On Campus)


Physical Office:
First floor, East side, Suite 100
Crabtree Hall

Office Hours:
8:00 - 5:00, Monday - Friday
Occasionally, we will be out of the office helping a colleague or installing hardware.

FAQs & Resources
Please take a look at the Resources link above. We've prepared help documentation on common issues that might be just what you're looking for.

"My computer is acting funny!"
If your computer begins to act up, please try a restart. Sometimes that’s all it takes! Many common problems can be resolved by giving your computer a chance to take care of driver and software updates by rebooting it.

"I can’t login!"
As members of the greater campus community, our systems use central eID authentication. You’ll generally just need your eID and password, but Outlook and Office 365 websites will need your credentials as follows:

Username: eID@colostate.edu
Password: ePassword

Should you continue to have issues logging in, you can check and/or modify your password at eid.colostate.edu.