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The Department of Anthropology is committed to offer and maintain instructional programs that provide an understanding of people and their cultures, past and present, related to the structure of the social, environmental, political, and economic systems in which humans operate. Anthropology majors follow a liberal arts curriculum that provides a broad education with an emphasis on learning how to learn. The department has 11 research and teaching laboratories and three summer field schools. Field classes are offered during the summer that involve the excavation of archaeological sites, searching for Eocene primates, and ethnographic research on American Indian reservations. Graduates should be able to view the human condition from its behavioral, biological, and historical perspectives. The well-rounded liberal arts education, plus acquisition of important marketable skills including analytical ability, communication, and cultural understanding, make anthropology graduates valuable in health, international development, business, government, and education. Your gift will help our students excel and refine their knowledge, both in the classroom and in the field, by decreasing the burden of tuition and financially supporting outstanding students who wish to pursue a career in anthropology.

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