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The College of Business at Colorado State University provides an exceptional business education that equips students for the rigors of the marketplace. Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) program is just one of many that set the College apart from its peers. Our vision is to make a difference in SCM education, research, and practice. Our faculty are innovators in the field, and our students are making a difference. Your organization can make a difference by partnering with us in one of two ways - as a Supply Chain Management Forum Company Partner or as a Practicum Project Sponsor.

Student Practicum Project Partner - Partners that desire a basic level of interaction can commit to a project partnership for a gift of $5,000. Student Practicum Projects are student-driven solutions to any number of issues related to supply chain management. Once approved by the faculty, these semester-long team projects designed by the partnering organization and the practicum instructor, will focus on a current issue faced by the company. If the team is unable to complete the project and provide an acceptable recommendation, the company will receive an additional practicum project in a subsequent semester at no cost. 

Supply Chain Management Forum Partner - Partners that desire a higher level of interaction can commit to an annual (calendar or school year) full partnership for a gift of $10,000. Included in this level are all of the above as well as the following: - Participation of a top SCM on the Forum Board of Advisors which sets the annual strategy for the forum and its operations. - Seats at each forum meeting (one in the fall and one in the spring) - Ability to help design the program of information presented at the forum meetings - Opportunity to dialogue and develop relationships with peers in other supply chain organizations. - Access to white papers, best practice studies and other documents that result from forum meetings, as well as early access to published faculty research. - Ability to influence the development and refinement of the content of CSU supply chain courses. 

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