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Climbers for Bat Conservation

Colorado State University wildlife researcher Rob Schorr and colleagues from the Colorado Natural Heritage Program and Warner College of Natural Resources's Human Dimensions of Wildlife program started a novel collaboration between recreational climbers and bat biologists. Schorr, who has studied bat ecology for more than 25 years, joined forces with human dimensions specialist Dr. Shawn Davis and ecologist Bernadette Kuhn, who are both avid climbers, to understand bat roosting ecology by asking climbers to share their observations of bats. This collaboration is called Climbers for Bat Conservation. This program was motivated by massive declines in bat populations caused by a novel North American disease, called white-nose syndrome. Populations of millions of bats have dwindled to thousands or fewer. 

By collaborating with recreational climbers, CBC has identified new roosts and populations of bats from North America and from countries around the world. Climbers for Bat Conservation relies on information sharing and regular interaction with climbers. Your support provides resources to promote citizen science in the climbing community to improve bat conservation efforts. Thank you!

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