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Cheryl Presley graduated from Colorado State University with her B.S. in social work in 1974 and her master's in adult education in 1975. In 1990, Cheryl returned to campus to work for CSU's Division of Student Affairs. In 1996, she was promoted to associate vice president for student affairs and stayed in this role until 2000. During her tenure, Cheryl provided leadership to 11 departments and centers in student affairs including the Counseling Center, the Student Success Center, the Center for Educational Access and Outreach, the Career Center, the Academic Advancement Office, the Service Learning and Volunteer Programs, the Undergraduate Student Retention Office, Alcohol Education, Judicial Affairs, Student Legal Services, and the Student Ombudsman Office. She also taught classes on diversity in higher education for the Student Affairs in Higher Education Program. 

Due to Cheryl's lifelong commitment to students and student affairs, she has elected the Lighten the Load fund as her Legacies Project Honoree feature fund. This provides financial hardship support to students enrolled in the College of Health and Human Sciences. From a medical emergency to paying rent to getting food on the table, the Lighten the Load fund supports students who are experiencing unforeseen financial challenges. Students receive immediate financial support at a time when they are most vulnerable for dropping out.

If you would like to make a gift by mail, please make checks payable to Colorado State University Foundation and note that your gift is for the Lighten the Load in honor of Cheryl Presley.
Mail to:
Colorado State University Foundation
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