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Honoring the Memory of Djibril "Jibby" Diol

Djibril "Jibby" Diol's positive outlook, outgoing personality, and strong work ethic earned him friendship and respect at every turn, while working toward a civil engineering degree from Colorado State University and through a successful position with Kiewit construction in Denver. Family, friends, and co-workers were left grief-stricken by his tragic death Aug. 5, 2020, in an arson fire at his home that also claimed the lives of his wife, daughter, sister, and niece.

Kiewit worked with CSU to establish a civil engineering scholarship in Diol's name. Kiewit Companies Foundation began with establishing a match to create the scholarship, which was supported by more than 100 different donors. The scholarship is now permanently endowed, creating a legacy for Diol at CSU forever.

Diol's enthusiasm for learning was well known. Those who knew him feel the scholarship is a fitting tribute to the Senegalese immigrant who was named an Outstanding Grad in December 2018. "Jibby valued education to the highest degree," said Ousman Ba, a CSU alumnus and close friend to Diol and his family. "A scholarship is one of the best ways we can honor this amazing human being who brightened any room he stepped into because of his smile, energy, or 6-foot-8-inch frame." Diol valued service, and he volunteered his time generously. Most of all, Diol was deeply devoted to his family. He supported family in the U.S. and Senegal while attending college. "What set Jibby apart was his 'why,'" said Jason Proskovec, a Kiewit project manager. "It was never about Jibby and his success. Jibby's success meant a better life for his family and community."

Diol dreamed of one day using his engineering knowledge to improve infrastructure in rural Senegal, after gaining professional experience in the U.S. Following his CSU graduation, he worked as a field engineer for Kiewit on the Central 70 highway project in Denver. He became a U.S. citizen and moved his wife and toddler daughter to northeast Denver. 

On the job site, Diol's work ethic, drive, and smile were infectious. "On C-70 we started the phrase, 'Be more like Jibby,' and we use it to this day," Proskovec said. "His positive attitude always brought up morale, directly impacting the performance of his team." "He had such big and ambitious goals for the future," said Maryam Aīda Tidjani, a friend of Diol's and a CSU student who is also from Senegal. "I am so grateful for this scholarship because he would have loved to be able to help young, driven students who want a better life, just like him," Tidjani said. "I am positive he would have been proud of that." 

Djibril "Jibby" Diol Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund Information

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