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L.S. and Chuen-mei Fan Graduate Scholarship

Dr. L.S. Fan and Dr. Chuen-mei Fan have personally helped thousands of students reach their potential in the classroom through their teaching. They not only taught the science of economics, but they guided students through the process of applying economic principles and theories outside of the classroom. Inspired by their passion for student success, the Fan’s established the L.S. & Chuen-mei Fan Graduate Scholarship in support of students who exemplify and sustain academic success in the Department of Economics. 
Dr. Liang-Shing (L.S.) Fan passed away on August 24, 2016.  Dr. L.S. Fan was a valued colleague, a beloved advisor/mentor to graduate students, and a good friend to many. He will be missed. In lieu of flowers, his family requests that donations be made to the L.S. and Chuen-Mei Fan Graduate Scholarship. 

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