Homecoming Parade 2014

Requirements for Participation: 
  • Maximum allowed length of total entry - 40 feet (including tow vehicle)
  • Maximum allowed width of total entry - 10 feet
  • Maximum allowed height of total entry - 13 feet (from street to top of entry)
  • Groups that do not conform to these measurements may be charged an additional entry fee or removed from the parade. 
  • Maximum number of people per total entry - 50 (exceptions granted for marching bands)
  • No tractor trailers allowed.
  • Entry MUST conform to the parade theme and include a celebration of CSU spirit. You are allowed to interpret the theme in your design, but all interpretations are subject to the approval of the Parade Review Committee. As a reminder, participants must incorporate one, or all, of the following:
    • A moment or achievement in CSU's history
    • A throwback to an old CSU Homecoming tradition (pajama parade, torchlight parade, royalty, Kangaroo Court, etc.)
    • An interpretation of the future of Homecoming. What will it look like in 50 or 100 years?
    • A celebration of CSU and Ram spirit
  • All entries must travel the entire length of the parade, which will begin at Oak Street and Howes Street and will terminate at Meridian and University Avenue.
  • Towed entries must have a rigid hitch and safety chains.
  • All motorized units must have a UL approved fire extinguisher with current inspection tag or sticker.
  • All parade vehicles (except those entered by licensed dealers) must be street licensed.
  • No wheelies or stunting will be permitted.
  • Parade entries that can be powered by energy efficient means (horses, bicycles, economy cars, roller skates, etc.) are encouraged, but not required.
  • Additional guidelines and requirements will be provided to approved entries, to which all participants must strictly adhere. Any group or individual in violation of the guidelines is subject to removal from the parade.
  • All parade participants MUST complete a Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement BEFORE the parade begins. This waiver will be provided to the entry manager upon approval of application.
  • All approved entries must send a representative to a parade orientation meeting prior to participating in the parade. The orientation schedule will be provided upon approval.

Help Desk/Technical Questions: ADVRequest@ua.colostate.edu or (970) 491-5473

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