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International Experiences in
Conservation Leadership

The International Experiences in Conservation Leadership (IECL) scholarship supports immersive cross-cultural experiences for Conservation Leadership graduate students that facilitate opportunities to grow personally and professionally through intensive international conservation work. These experiences, particularly when they occur in the developing world, create opportunities for students to address conservation in complex socio-economic contexts, and catalyze individuals to reflect and carry themselves with humility and compassion as they gain awareness about the struggles, resilience, and hopefulness that are often evident in developing communities around the world.

$2,500 supports a summer scholarship for a CLTL student.

"One of the most poignant lessons CLTL taught me was the value of listening and setting aside my own upbringing, perceptions, and education to better understand the perspectives of those that I work with. I hope to use this experience to support inclusive community-based conversation here in the United States and wherever my career takes me in the future." ~Timothy Merlino, 2018 scholarship recipient

"This scholarship felt like a tremendous gift when I received it, but its impact feels far greater after returning home and reflecting on what I gained in Belize - insight into myself, experience with new cultures, and hope for the future of marine conservation. While in Belize, I realized that my 'Western' way of doing things wasn't appropriate for the context I found myself in, and that realization allowed me to change for the better. For such a small country, Belize has no shortage of inspiring, conservation-minded people." ~Emily Neidhardt, 2018 scholarship recipient

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